Would you like actually to know why am I here? Well, the reason is because of you. Yes, I'm here for you. You may ask why is it that? So the answer is simple: I've always wanted to be responsible for others. It's something to make me feel fulfilled and grateful.

But WHY are you here?

It's because you are looking for more geographical freedom or improving your quality of life? Maybe are you here to give meaning to your life, find your mission not only for yourself but also for society and family? Or simply would you like to grow professionally and personally, discover your real potential in which until now nobody seems to be interested?

Well let me ask you; have you aware of the potential of digital landscape? But I have warned you that it is true that you can active whatever you want in the online world but it takes time. The great news is that you don't need any skills to start! Because the educational system of which I'm a part has the program which allows to everyone who would like to live a laptop lifestyle to learn step by step everything what needs.

I would like to be responsible for your happiness, professional and personal growth. I'm just responsible for somebody as you can see.

In fact, one of my biggest goals is to be an always better mother. I mean to be able to grow self-confident sons who will be become, self-discipline adults. I want that my kids remember deep meaningful conversations because of my own personal development and awareness.



I was born in a small village in Poland on 31/12/1979 and live in a small town in Italy. I'm an affectionate mother who grew up in a large family. Actually I live with my partner and my 2 son’s 8 and 6,5 years old.

After graduation, I wanted to continue my studies at the university but I didn’t have financial support. But despite it some years later I graduated at a university in Italy, thanks to my commitment and economically self-sufficient. I started learning English only at an older age which becomes my hobby. Unfortunately despite having graduated in economics and administration, I haven’t found a job in this field. I've worked in the same supermarket from 13 years, for 20 – 25 hours for a week with the flexible roster.

I always wanted to grow professionally and personally, be responsible for other development, but somehow it never happened. I've always been ambitious with a big desire to learn and succeed. Thus I've worked hard but I was often misunderstood, probably because the environment has been always unhelpful. I felt that my job was dead-end, exhausting and thankless. So it makes me felt bad about myself and unfulfilled. For years at my work, I was treated like a usable person and therefore also I ended up to believe in it. That situation at the job brought me also in a  semi – depression state. I'm a very sensitive person and a people pleaser. I could feel deeply worried if I might have offended someone after a conversation and I could be stuck in that states for hours. I found myself in difficulty to express and easily get hurt or sad.

I wanted so much overcome this state of emotions and become self-discipline and self-confident person, in order to start to live in a present and enjoy my life, because I'm aware that the life is short and I just lost so many time living in anxiety and warring too much about others opinions. But I didn't know how to start making it all happen.  So some months ago during listening motivational videos on YouTube, I saw an ad about a guy who left his fix job and started the completely new journey in the online word. SoI asked me is that my chance to escape from this corporate word and start live first of all for me and my family?

In fact efore to take some important decisions I thought if it is good for the whole family which I enjoy as much as can. But I also love travelling, know a new culture, history, architecture, know new interesting people and help people to feel better. I go running nearly every early morning, learning meditation and keeps myself motivated by listening audiobooks and videos. I like to go hiking and tracking but sometimes I love to relax in front of romcoms.