The BOOK “Start with your WHY” then find you WHAT.

For Simon Senek the WHY which is his MISSION is ” Inspire people to do what inspires them so that together we can change the world for the better” and his WHAT is happen to write leadership books.

So the power starting with WHY is what we stand for not final service it product. Believe in something is much more powerful than it. Start with emotions, not instructions, such as a dream, vision, gratefulness. But rarely we know WHY we do what we do. So let’s take a look at Sinek’s Golden Circle.

So let’s talk about each circle:

WHY – this is your goal, mission, purpose, cause… If you do not know ask yourself: WHY do you do what you do? or What gets you out of the bed every morning? Once you know the answer you can begin to find others who will identify with your WHY who want to be part of your journey. But making money, profit, salary… isn’t a WHY thus they are results WHAT we do.
HOW – it’s a strategy, to act in a way that mirrors your values. It’s a process with you reach the WHY, for instance, those can be habits, systems or routine. It will help shape your branding and unique messaging.
WHAT – essentially it’s a tangible manifestation of your WHY like personal and professional growth, losing weight, publishing an article, spend more time with a family and so on.
” People do not buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it…

.. If you talk about what you believe, you will attract those who believe what you believe”.

By Simone Senek.



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